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News from Cairo.... all the latest!..Is Tommy Cooper there?

Timefor Mr Talbot and Miss O'Brien to return to London...what have they been up to?

Firstly, congratulations to Mr Mellor for winning the prize by correctly naming the song pupils in Cairo use for their morning assembly. Judging from responses, no one under the age of 35 had a clue! Look at Wednesday's news item to see.

Mr Talbot and Miss O'Brien have been very busy meeting with lots of teachers and students in Cairo. They have been working with the local people to find out how pupils at Woodfield can work with pupils in Egypt.

It hasn't all been non stop work though. Mr Talbot has taken time to visit some local restaurants to sample the delights of Egyptian food. Amazingly, he has also made a quick trip to Limassol in Cyprus to rescue his bag after it was mislaid. You can see him below enjoying himself in a restaurant.

Can you guess the name of the hat Mr Talbot is wearing?

Miss O'Brien has also been very busy, but found the time to visit the Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, where a lot of the treasures of Ancient Egypt are on display. She has also found time to visit a place called Cario, and has a photo album to prove it!

The Museum in Cairo

Do you know the name of the Pharoah buried in this coffin?

King Tu??????????