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This project will further develop understanding and skills the pupils have previously gained. It builds upon their knowledge of materials, artist and approaches to thematic ways of working. In this unit of work pupils will investigate Surrealism, look at Surrealist artists. Pupils will produce a collage of collected images and transfer this into an acrylic painting using a scanner and photo editing packages.

During the project pupils will:

Use a variety of approaches when applying themselves to the theme
Use collage to create paintings
Collect reference material on the artwork of Rene Magritte
Produce an acrylic painting based on their collage
Know different images can be put together to create another image
Transfer images using ICT to create a painting
Use a wide range of materials
Make changes to their work as an ongoing process
Make a choice between materials to improve performance and aesthetics
Name and know Surrealist artists
Know how to construct a collage
Understand the term Surrealism
Be able to select a Rene Magritte piece of work from a selection of mixed examples

Assessment objectives

Collect visual material to assist in development

Experiment with line and shape using a range of media
Experiment with methods and materials to create a structure
Consider the scale of their work in relation to its purpose
Aware of the purpose of artists from different cultures
Investigate methods of creating visual effects
Explore the work of artists in different cultures
Combine and organise colour, shapes, pattern and texture using mixed media
Name materials and methods used in their work
Identify some techniques for using common art tools and materials
Distinguish foreground and background
Is familiar with the work of some famous artists
Recognise that many cultures use art in celebrations, rituals and festivals
Knows where to locate reference material
Compare some of the methods used by artists
Compare the materials used by artists
Know some of the work of principal artists