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Pupils develop skills and knowledge in the use of ceramics, producing three different types of clay pots, including pinch, coil and slab. Using these techniques pupils then select one of these techniques to construct a ceramic pot in which they can store personal items within.

During the project pupils will:
investigate know where clay comes from
explore different types of clay
research different ceramic pots
look at the ceramic slab pots by works of Clarice Cliff
know the terms pinch, coil and slab and demonstrate to fellow peers each technique
know what glaze is and the different techniques in applying it to a ceramic surface
know the different stages of drying clay
produce three-dimensional shapes in clay – sphere, pyramid and cube
produce a three different types of ceramic pots using techniques that have been demonstrated; pinch, coil and slab
produce a finished slab pot

Assessment objectives

Discusses the textures of material
Answer question related to their ideas for task
Develop idea from its starting point
Use scrap book to collect pictures of objects about a specific topic
Talk about their work as it develops
Experiment to create visual effects
Use imagination
Attempt to draw objects that are in front of them
Use a variety of materials in a simple way
Combine different materials within their work
Use key word when describing what they did
Suggest ways they can improve their own work
Identify differences between their own work and that of peers
Adapt and improve their own work
Identify the successful parts of their work
Name materials and methods used in their work