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The Woodfield Curriculum Intent

Our Vision:

‘Creating a Community of Lifelong Learners’

Our Mission:

At Woodfield School we provide a secure, enjoyable and stimulating place to learn where our pupils feel proud of what they have achieved. We have a curriculum that is practical and engaging where teachers have high expectations that challenge and meet the needs of our pupils in this multicultural school. We develop skills for independence in preparation for an active role in society and we maintain close contact with home, making parents and carers feel welcome in school enabling them to play a part in the education of their children. 

Curriculum Intent:
‘To creating stimulating and aspirational learning experiences that prepares all students for adulthood.’
  • To prepare our pupils for life after Woodfield School so that they can live full, purposeful, and meaningful lives. 
  • To prepare our pupils for adulthood. 
  • To offer a comprehensive approach to education.
  • To ensure the curriculum is steeped with a strong social, moral, spiritual, and cultural dimension which acknowledges and celebrates our community. 
  • To ensure the curriculum is relevant, purposeful, engaging, and exciting.
  • To promote healthy and safe lifestyles.
  • To develop employability skills: Gatsby Benchmark, CDI framework and Skills Builder. 
  • Help students achieve accreditations that enable them to secure college and internships places.
  • Help students with Transitions.


The Woodfield School curriculum has been developed through consultation with students, parents, and our dedicated team of teachers, senior leaders and therapy staff who have a passion for seeing our learners reach their full potential.

At Woodfield School our aim is to develop independence and the skills needed for learning and life. 

We endeavour to ensure that the Woodfield curriculum is outcome focussed  so that all groups of students, regardless of background or ability, have the knowledge, skills and where appropriate, accreditations needed for adult life.

This includes delivering a breadth of opportunities and experiences that our pupils can start to build their own future pathways on.  

We aim to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which has the EHCP and PFA outcomes at its core. We want our curriculum to engage, motivate, excite and challenge our pupils. We want our pupils to experience a curriculum that establishes a growing knowledge and awareness of the world of work and what they, as young people, can aim for as they prepare for adulthood and Post 19 transition

We will continue to maintain high expectations through appropriate assessment, ambitious target setting, and the removal  of barriers to learning. 

We strive to ensure that our curriculum is individualised, meaningful and appropriate for our pupils. This ensures that all pupils make outstanding progress against their starting points, both academically and holistically.  

Courses offered at Woodfield

Entry Level Arts Award - Pathway 1, 2 and 3.
Functional Skills- In Maths and English Level 1 and 2 - Pathway 2 and 3. 
Entry Level Maths and English - AQA and OCR - Pathway 2 and 3
Entry Level ICT - Pathway 3
OCR Life and Living Skills, Entry Level - Pathway 1, this includes Communication, Maths, ICT, Life Skills, etc. 
OCR Functional skills- Entry Level - Maths, English and ICT- Pathway 1 and 2
AQA unit awards for In house Vocational Training.