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France Partnership

Partnership School Val d’Oise School

Val d’Oise School - Maggie Sewell-Allen and Bernadette Clinton

Woodfield School – Participants Hope Baddoo and Lorrise Denham-Walters

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Aims of the Partnership

Examine strategies employed to teach English to replicate delivery of French to our pupils in Woodfield School

Examine how English is integrated into other curriculum areas.
Show how Makaton can be used to complement the learning of  pupils with SEN.

Work towards taking pupils to Calais to afford them ‘French experience.’ To consolidate the learning of French.

Create and maintain communication between pupils of Woodfield School and partner school.
Develop pen pals (via emails); skype buddies, etc. to trade culture and learning.

Pupils to create postcard with an introduction of themselves and stating something they really like.

Produce a scrapbook about Woodfield School to be presented to staff of partner school.

Present a paper version of website

Present  Woodfield’s newsletter to Partnership School

Discussion with pupils about partnership and plans for their involvement in creating and maintaining the Comenius Partnership.