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Line, tone and texture

This project will further develop understanding and skills the pupils have previously gained. It builds upon their knowledge of materials, artist and approaches to thematic ways of working. In this unit of work pupils will investigate the use of line in artwork, look at artists who use line within their work. Pupils complete a series of worksheets which explore making different lines and marks. Developing an understanding of both 2D and 3D shapes they will produce a contour line study. Pupils will produce a block print and a relief print of their hand using string to emulate the lines found on a fingerprint.

During the project pupils will:
Collect reference material on the artwork of Bridget Riley
Complete examples of lines using worksheets
Use the interactive whiteboard to develop my understanding of different types of line
Research examples of contour lines
Produce observational drawings of three dimensional shapes using line and tone
Develop skills in relief printmaking techniques
Use line to complete repeat patterns
Identify a variety of 3D shapes, draw around them using contour lines
Create block and relief printmaking examples using one colour
Transfer skills from one technique to another
Plan ahead and assess their work as it progresses
Say how they could improve their work and make modifications
Describe how you can make different types of line
Understand the use of tone to create three dimensional shapes
Be able to select a Bridget Riley piece of work from a selection of mixed examples
Know what contour lines represent on a map

Assessment objectives:

Ask simple questions about task
Answer question related to their ideas for task
Draw different types of line
Recognise geometric shape in the environment
Draw round shape templates
Use drawing to record observations
Show some observational skills
Use imagination
Attempt to draw objects that are in front of them
Create work from observation
Draw the object showing some identifiable detail
Use simple computer drawing package
Create simple repeat patterns
Print repeat pattern
Use repeat pattern to decorate object ie book
Use a variety of materials in a simple way
Begin to apply improvements
Recognise obvious differences between two pieces of art work
Comment on differences in others work
Give simple reason for what they like
Use key word when describing what they did
Suggest ways they can improve their own work