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Living & Leisure


Living & Leisure is an opportunity to build positive relationships with students from other classes.


During the summer term of 2004  ‘Golden Time’, (now known as Living & Leisure) was trialled. It quickly became extremely popular and a new language emerged focussing on the positive effects of having taken part in ‘Golden Time/Living & Leisure’. Pupils were keen to try out the activities on offer and some found an activity they really enjoyed and stuck to one thing throughout the period. The mix of teachers and teaching assistants made the groups relaxed and fun. Some activities were led successfully by teaching assistants.


As a result of the trial, Living & Leisure was permanently timetabled (Friday period 6) as part of the school curriculum from September 2005. The number of activities has grown over the almost 20 years the program has been running, and activities change each term. Many of our present activities have been put in place as a result of requests from pupils via the student council.

How Living & Leisure Works

A list of activities is published on Thursday for the following Friday. Pupils choose an activity that appeals to them, that they want to take part in.
Pupils then take part in their activity from 2.00 to 3.00pm each Friday. Pupils will not be able to take part if they have not met behaviour goals during the week.


Activities will be staffed by teachers and teaching assistants, they may be on site or off site and will be funded through the budget that supports merit prizes, or through student enterprise projects.

The Impact of Living & Leisure

  • Pupils exercise their right to chose
  • Behaviour in school has improved
  • Pupils understand the rules and can demonstrate knowledge when asked
  • Parents and past pupils have become involved in helping with activities