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PSHE & Citizenship

Woodfield PSHE and Citizenship Policy

Woodfield School is a multicultural school for secondary aged students with special needs. Our curriculum aims to provide practical and engaging activities where our learners feel secure and motivated to learn. Our aim is to develop them into individuals who take responsibility for self-growth, have fun in the learning process and grow into contributing members of society with high self-esteem. We believe in working closely with parents and the community for individualising learning programs for our learners.

This policy has been devised to support the structure, aims and ethos of the PSHE work in the school. The PSHE coordinator has worked in consultation with staff, pupils and within the constraints of the PSHE Action Plan. 


  • To develop confident pupils who are responsible and make the most of their potential in preparation for adult life.
  • To promote healthy lifestyles so pupils can grow into healthy adults making good choices.
  • To encourage participation in a wide variety of experiences, understanding good choices and safety.
  • To promote independence at all times and in all circumstances.