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This project will further develop understanding and skills the pupils have previously gained. It builds upon their knowledge of materials, artist and approaches to thematic ways of working. The project continues the theme throughout the year and allows pupils to experience many approaches to art making. They will build upon their knowledge of printmaking when producing a four colour lino print. Pupils will design a three-dimensional sculpture using a variety of materials and applications.

During the project pupils will:

Research topics and the theme to help with designing the different elements of their work
Understand the use of lino printing both in artistic and wider terms
Locate reference material on the prints of Henri Matisse
Use the Internet to research art work
Be able to use lino printing techniques to create a four colour print
Use mixed media to create a themed sculpture
Make changes to their work as an ongoing process
transfer skills from one technique to another
Make a choice between materials to improve performance and aesthetics
Name two other types of printmaking techniques

Assessment objectives

Answer question related to their ideas for task
Develop idea from its starting point
Draw different types of line
Use drawing to record observations
Record observations
Make sketch of ideas
Talk about their work as it develops
Experiment to create visual effects
Use imagination
Combine different materials within their work
Use more than one technique within a piece of work
Identify differences between their own work and that of peers
Adapt and improve their own work
Identify the successful parts of their work
Name materials and methods used in their work
Cares for tools and materials
Describe different categories of art:- printmaking
Identify some common materials used to produce categories of art
Look at work of similar subject that artist past and present have created
Identify materials that can be used in producing a print
Works with a regard for safety