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Pupil Premium 2012-2013

 Woodfield Playground photo

Pupil Premium funding in 2012-2013 was targeted at specific groups of pupils in order to provide additional support and resources to narrow the attainment gap.


Pupil Premium Overview - Woodfield 2012-13

Number of Pupils on Role


Pupils eligible for Pupil Premium


Amount per Pupil





At Woodfield Pupil Premium is dedicated to raising our learners' inclusion, future independence and academic attainment.   To maximise impact, focus areas are determined by the Senior Leadership in response to current and future pupil need.

All funds are allocated to Intervention and support programmes. These are targeted to overcoming barriers which are impacting learners their academic, social and vocational potential.

For 2012-13 Woodfield's focus areas are:

ü SEN and Inclusion - Fine and Gross Motor Support and Sound Production

ü Literacy and Communication - Key skills for Literacy and Language and Communication

ü Challenging the Gap in Key Stage 4 - Targeted support for Learners in Maths and English

ü Access and in-school support  - Homework support and library club targeting specific learners

  Pie chart showing breakdown of Woodfield School Pupil Premium spend 2012-13

All  intervention programmes are designed and overseen by specialist internal and external professionals and middle leaders. They are carried out by Specialist Teaching assistants, with regular oversight and support from therapists, curriculum leaders and the Senior Leadership Team.

All Pupil Premium Funding  is allocated to staffing Intervention and Support for our Learners.