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Pupil Voice Anti Bullying

Pupils are consulted on a regular basis to find out what is happening and what issues are worrying them through planned programmes and responses to trends and incidents. This is managed by the PSHE coordinators, Mrs Deorukhkar and Mrs Moore. The School Council is consulted on issues related to bullying, and review our Anti Bullying statement each year.

Woodfield School Anti-Bullying

We do not want bullying at Woodfield

Bullies are people who are disrespectful.  

They might tease, kick, punch, spit, cuss, criticise, or threaten for no other reason than to make the victim feel bad and frightened.

Bullies are aggressive.

Bullies have control but do not stop because they feel they have the power. Bullies tell you to do things.

Bullies often work in gangs because they need to feel powerful.

Bullies can use mobile phones or the internet to bully.


What do we do if someone bullies us?

Be brave.

Protect yourself!  There are lots of ways to do this:

Speak to a teacher, parent, or adult.

Tell them what has been happening.

If somebody else is getting bullied and staying quiet, report it to a teacher.

Keep the evidence on your mobile phone or internet and show an adult

Speak to somebody for advice if you are scared of telling a teacher, parent, or adult.

There is always a solution!


How do we stop the bully?

Find out about the background of the bully and see if everything is alright at home.

Get the bully counselling to help them change. Bullies need help.

The Headteacher should speak to the bully and the parents.  There is no reason bullying should continue!  The bully must sign a contract agreeing not to bully again.


Written by: Student Council 2012-13, and revised annually by each new student council.