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Relationship Management

Woodfield Relationship Management Policy

Woodfield School is committed to:

  • providing a secure, enjoyable and stimulating learning environment which will enable pupils to realise their potential as individuals in society;
  • providing equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum which:

(a) meets statutory requirements;

(b) reflects the cultural diversity of society;

(c) meets the needs of all pupils;

maintaining close contact with the home: making parents welcome in the school and to enable them to play a full part in the education of their children.

The aim of the policy

The aim of the policy is to promote positive behaviour in order to establish an ethos where we, the adults in the immediate school community, can support and encourage pupils to learn, work and play successfully together. To achieve this we, the adults, agree that:

  • all children and young people are of equal value and must be respected and supported appropriately;
  • all children and young people can demonstrate measurable progress in their learning;
  • all children and young people can learn to behave in an appropriate manner.

The full policy can be downloaded below: