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Woodfield SEND Policy

Woodfield School is committed to providing a secure, enjoyable and stimulating place to learn where our pupils feel proud of what they have achieved. We have a curriculum that is practical and engaging where teachers have high expectations that challenge and meet the needs of our pupils in this multicultural school. We develop skills for independence in preparation for an active role in society and we maintain close contact with home, making parents and guardians welcome in school enabling them to play a full part in the education of their children.

Our Vision- ‘Creating a Community of Lifelong Learners’

We ensure that our pupils feel they are successful learners and everything they do is valued.  We reward and recognise every step pupils take to reach their full potential.  As a school community we celebrate success with pupils in lessons, in the playground, on school trips and more formally in assemblies and through accreditation and the wonderful results pupils gain on their personal pathways through school.

Aims of the SEND policy

  • that pupils access high quality provision as set out in their Education Health and Care Plan or Statement of Educational Need.

  • that practice reflects our school  mission statement;

  • that all staff play an active role in identifying changing or emergent needs for our learners

  • that responsive systems allow these needs to be met through quality first teaching and graduated provision, tailored to the needs of our learners.


These aims will be achieved by:

  • driving quality first teaching through providing all staff with up to date and relevant information on the needs of all learners;
  • providing staff with clear and accessible systems to feedback concerns, changes and strategies which can be disseminated throughout the school.
  • ensuring parents and carers have an active voice and role in their child’s education, through joint-target setting and review, to ensure each learner is progressing to achieve their outcomes.
  • regular curriculum review and innovation, to ensure it is in line with the needs, outcomes and supports the aspirations of all learners
  • providing staff with regular and strategic professional development to develop SEN Pedagogy to meet the needs of our learners;
  • a clear and transparent system of graduated provision in the four areas of need, allowing pupils to access responsive support
  • ensuring additional provision is regularly reviewed and shared with parents/carers, families and learners, to drive progress towards each learner’s outcomes.

The SEND Policy is available for download below.

Our SEND lead is Deborah Wood