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School Council

Aims and Objectives of the Woodfield School Council

  • To represent and act in the interest of all students at Woodfield School.
  • To promote the interest of the school and the students.
  • To encourage unity and peace within the student body.
  • To ensure that all students are treated in a fair and impartial way.
  • To work on fun activities, which will promote an excellent spirit for the whole school.

One person from each tutor group is elected by their classmates to represent them and be their voice at the school council and around the school. All members of the school council care deeply about the quality of student life at Woodfield School. They aim to work together in a spirit of cooperation and unity, to make the Woodfield School experience the best it can be for all members of our school community.

Members of the school council are easily identified by their red polo shirts.