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School Uniform

We have a very strong policy on uniform. We like our pupils to present themselves as smart confident young people and we feel a school uniform helps to do this. Pupils will not be allowed into the classroom unless dressed in full school uniform. Correct uniform is described below, and a PDF file of our Uniform Brochure can be downloaded below.

Year 12, 13 and 14 students do not have to wear uniform but must come to school in appropriate clothing.

The school uniform consists of the following items:

  • Black school trousers or skirt (skirt a minimum of knee length)
  • White Polo shirt
  • Black Vee Neck school jumper
  • Black shoes with flat soles
  • Black or white socks
  • Plain White vest or T-Shirt to be worn under the polo shirt if needed

We have deliberately kept the uniform simple to increase the number of outlets at which articles may be purchased. These items are available from the following (and many other) outlets: ASDA, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Matalan, Next, Amazon.

Parents who wish their children to wear items of traditional dress e.g. head scarves should be in black or white.

Pupils who attend school wearing a hooded top (hoodie) will be asked to remove it before being allowed in the classroom and we may contact you to discuss further. 

The following items of clothing/accessories are not allowed to be worn at school as they are not part of school uniform

Jewellery, make-up or nail polish. Small stud earrings can be worn if girls have pierced ears.

Footwear: no boots or open- toe sandals and no heels

Hooded tops (hoodies) are not allowed to be worn in school

All uniform, including shoes should be plain black (or white if polo shirt, vest or socks) with no logos.

If you are in any doubt, please contact the school for a clarification.