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Student Mentors

All our Student Mentors have applied in writing to take on the position of Student Mentor at Woodfield School, explaining why they would like to take on the role and why they think they will be good at it.

The job involves being a good role model at all times. Being available to younger pupils to help and give advice. Being positive about our school and the rules and routines that we have and being able to explain why our rules are important.

Student Mentors will also have to show visitors around and talk to visitors about our school. Student mentors will also have to do some work in PSHE lessons helping pupils to understand about bullying and what to do if they think they may be being bullied.

Student Mentors have had to undertake training to help them in their role. Please make sure you know who your Mentors are. They will be introduced in assembly and have their photographs displayed on the noticeboard at the entrance to the school hall. Our student mentors wear a blue polo shirt, so they are easy to spot if you want a chat.

Well done to all our Student Mentors

The new School Mentors for 2018-19 are:

Kashope, Sade, Sayruq, Mairead, Cynthia, Kajipa, Antrick, Zeeshan!