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The Village School

Woodfield School and The Village School Partnership Development

Woodfield School and The Village School have formed a partnership and have set up a Multi Academy Trust which, as of March 1st 2019, hs been approved by the Department for Education. The Academy Trust is to be called Compass Learning Partnership. The two schools  retain their own school names and respective ethos, vision and mission statements.

There were conditional arrangements to be met, which are that trust governance for the new MAT must be robust and in accordance with the new academies financial handbook and that any further requirements at Woodfield School are met.

There has been a strong partnership between the two schools over the years but it has increased very significantly during the last two years. The collaboration between the Key Stage 5 departments is a very good example of this. Pupils at both schools have benefited greatly from the joint working. The schools and the local college have worked hard making sure that there appropriate pathways and accreditations and they have been able to ensure that we do not duplicate offers, thereby broadening the range of opportunities and experiences for our young adults.

The vision of the multi academy trust is rooted in the ethos and philosophy of both schools. It was a very good fit for partnership because we hold similar values about providing the very best opportunities and outcomes for young people with highly complex needs and disabilities. Our joint commitment to inclusion and inclusive practice underpins our vision and values (both schools have attained the Inclusion Flagship status). We pledge that we will work together for the greater good of our two communities, to advocate best practice and to ensure our youngsters needs are met, to support them to be their best selves and to know that they make a very significant and positive contribution to the local and wider community.

The two governing bodies recognise that our differences contribute to the strength of our partnership, we learn from each other and we pledge to our parents, families and pupils that the two schools will continue to honour choice in provision and personalised pathways.

Our joint conference at the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year was inspirational in supporting our vision for the MAT and the two schools.

A presentation from the Kay Charles to the joint conference can be downloaded below