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Vocational Education

Woodfield School aims to provide each student with a ‘hands on’ practical experience within each chosen course. Students will work towards gaining accreditations in AQA Unit Award Scheme at Entry Level or a Personal Progress qualification in the specific vocational courses chosen. All of our Vocational Courses are planned and delivered with a ‘can do’ approach to recognise learning and success.

The aims and objectives of Vocational Education at Woodfield are:

  1. To create a tailor made programme of study to suit individual needs. This will allow students to explore their interests within each course providing progression for further learning.
  2. To make cross-curricular links with PSHE. Pupils will learn about rights and responsibilities, independent travelling and interview and CV techniques.
  3. To make cross curricular links with English, Maths and ICT. Through the application of functional skills students will learn about finance, customer service skills and different types of speaking and listening skills.
  4. To introduce the world of work to pupils within each course. Teachers will be required to organise workplace - educational visits for pupils to gain further understanding of the course they are studying.  

Gardening Pupils enjoy a day picking fruit